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My Book on Male Mythology August 2, 2006

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This is most of an introductory letter I sent around to a few agents before I gave up on that book in 2000, since I could not get an agent interested enough to take it on. It is not an easy read.

I have written a book about myths crucial to male dominance, developing a thoughtful male perspective on feminism. The Crumbling of Male Mythology is my skeptical dissection of the imbalance of male power, still prevalent despite all the work of feminists to challenge it. Despite claims of inevitability, people need not be stuck in traditional male dominant two-sided logic. What would it take to truly level the field, to crumble such destructive fabrications into the scrap heap?

By vocation a software developer, I appreciate the depths of originality and insight I have found in feminist literature. This book disassembles the basic pretenses of sexism, confronting assumptions, motives, and results, to weave my case why its practice cannot be fair, sound, or practical. Interacting without rigid roles, sharing respect, power, and love, I argue is the worthy pursuit for men, as opposed to superiority over women. Another theme is how sexist regimes thrive on dividing and disempowering people, while feminist perspectives emphasize the principle of internal power that can empower everyone to realize their best.

Male control of traditional relationships and most fields of endeavor may presume to be due to superior skills, common sense, and what is best for all, but ultimately derives from violence or its threat. This is not hard to show, yet trite stereotypes still skew the perceptions of many, symbolic of underlying prejudices I call the blind wall, that they dare not look beyond. Other sciences have similar blind spots, such as disregarding the economic value of housewives or ecology. I take apart some of these errors to illustrate that science has its share of bias.

By way of evasion men may support equality in theory, but have trouble living it, think it is already achieved or going overboard, or deeper implications escape them. I examine how such fragmentary consciousness persists in the face of all women’s efforts have brought to light, preserving denial by contorting the meanings of feminism, equality, manhood, power, life itself.

I also wrote articles, dialogue, essays, and one science fiction tale intended for a movie. That story is about a couple of innovators for a small research lab whose breakthrough develops into a battleground between biotechnology and alternative health approaches to life extension.


1. Johanna - January 12, 2007

Ah silly angryscientist, don’t you know you need a title that instills either fear, shock or outrage just with a mere glance? Change your title to something else, and it’ll sell in a heartbeat. I humble suggest the following for your consideration:

Feminists: Killing Machines
Real Men: Extinction is Imminent
Why Feminists Got it Wrong
The Myth of Male Oppression
Real Woman are Pussies

2. angryscientist - January 13, 2007

Johanna, you might be right, but then anyone looking beyond the cover would quickly realize the title was a fraud. Also, those titles are too close to commonplace theories about feminism to shock anyone, and those who might be afraid or outraged wouldn’t want to read such a book. Those who might like the title are another story; they would be outraged if they bought the book, upon discovering it was not at all what they expected!

3. Johanna - April 27, 2007

On second though, I like your title better. Seems like it would be an interesting book, maybe the timing just wasn’t right? Publishers seem to go through phases of what they want to publish. How about trying again?

Just curious, is english your first language? The word choice and syntax reminds me of Norwegan or similiar.

Nice bloggy, and sorry I was rude on my very first post (quite a while back). I seriously need a class on anger management and tackfulness!

4. angryscientist - April 28, 2007

Rude? I thought you were having a little fun at my expense. No matter.

Who knows about timing. I’ve been told my science fiction story might have a better shot, but who knows when I’ll find time to finish that.

English is the only language I can speak, though I still remember a little German and Spanish from school. I also remember a little of Norse mythology, but that’s about all I know about Norway!

Why do you think you need a class on anger management? In my opinion, women are not nearly as angry as they ought to be! I mean, as angry as all the crap going on in this world makes me, women’s lot is far worse than mine!

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