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O.J. Simpson, First Class Brazen Ass Murderer November 18, 2006

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It’s one thing for a convicted murderer to confess while doing hard time, another for OJ who got away with murder virtually scot-free. A Boston Globe editorial says a couple thousand was seized so far against the 33 million judgment, expecting he would find some sleazy way to keep the money he makes off this book. This is first-class brazen effrontery marketed as a tell-all book. Anyone who believed he was innocent, OJ sure had you fooled. Now he is laughing all the way to the bank. If I did it, this is how it would go? Who are you kidding, OJ? Safe from criminal prosecution, you might as well revel in your infamy?

He hasn’t had enough of his power trip, which led him to batter, terrorize, then murder his ex-wife. The criminal jury somehow managed to find him innocent. He never admitted guilt, maintaining he was put through hell for nothing. It’s hardly unusual for a batterer to kill a woman who leaves him. Such a jealous fit of violent rage, unless determined to be premeditated, is called a crime of passion, the least severely punished type of intentional murder. OJ was rich enough to get sharp lawyers to make the most of evidence rules and prosecution mistakes. He may be less rich now, after paying off his lawyers, though who knows where he stashed his money. His book will probably make him plenty more. There will be efforts to seize the profits, but good luck.

What a sick ego trip, describing his take on the deed, knowing it would torture everyone else involved. Hasn’t he caused enough anguish? Apparently not, he wants to rub salt in the wound. Could he be any more the brazen ass murderer who got away with it? He scoffs at the civil lawsuit he lost, which seems not worth the paper it’s written on.


1. Corneilius - November 20, 2006

This trial ended up so conveluted that when the judgement came out it was difficult to know who had actually won. I suppose we all hope that the legal system will always imprison the guilty, but as usual money wields more power than right.

I think that any resonable person would conclude that if OJ Simpson didn’t murder his wife, he would not try to make money in this manner.

I believe some TV stations in the US are refusing to take the programme.

2. angryscientist - November 21, 2006

Apparently the uproar was too much even for Rupert Murdoch. Both the TV special and the book have been cancelled, with an apology! Who knows, OJ will probably still find some way to make money off it. I’m not one to worship sports heroes anyway, but this maneuver made me think less of him than most murderers. I confess I am surprised that Murdoch backed off.

I found this tidbit interesting, from a
CBS Marketwatch story

Natasha Roit, a lawyer for the Brown family as well as the Nicole Brown Foundation, said that the announcement by News Corp. came within an hour of the family’s having declined money from the entertainment giant. The offer was made after the planned special elicited outrage from several public corners. A number of Fox affiliates reportedly said they would not run the special.

Roit said that News Corp.’s Fox Broadcasting division sought the Brown family’s blessing in exchange for the payout, but the family refused. Fox also wanted to be able to say that some of the proceeds from the broadcast would go to the victims’ families, Roit added.

“They told them resolutely that it’s not going to happen.” she said. “It was millions of dollars. And the Browns told them no.”

3. Corneilius - November 22, 2006

I guess somone in Fox will pay with their Job for this, but I dont think it will have any effect on Murdoch. This is what he does and is what he has been doing for years.
There is a bit of a spat going on in Britain between Murdoch, and Richard Branson who owns Virgin. Branson was trying to buy ITV the biggest independent TV nework in Britain, but Murdoch has just bought 20% simply to stop Branson.
Branson has had some intresting things to say about Murdoch’s domination of the media and its effects on democracy



After reading Harold Evens ‘Good Times Bad Times’ the story of Murdochs take over of The Times (London) I have always considered him to be one of the most dangerous men on the planet.

4. angryscientist - November 23, 2006

Your comment got caught up in the spam! I’ve no idea why. Usually the spam filter only catches real spam.

Yeah, Murdoch is a first class brazen ass himself. His example makes a good argument against this trend of mega-mergers. I find it odd that competition is supposedly so highly valued by capitalism, yet the elites like him seem intent on destroying it. It’s not hard to see why, but the purpose of antitrust law is to prevent that. As usual, the US government is asleep at the switch, too deep in the pockets of such elites to make trouble for them, unless political expediency trumps that pull.

Meanwhile OJ now claims to have already spent the advance, is crying about his retirement funds getting low, and says he has nothing to confess, but wanted his children to get the blood money!

5. Dwain - March 20, 2007

OJ Simpson got away with murder, the justice system prevailed with money and influence, and OJ is a coward. He is a wimp and a liar. And those that found him innocent are the same.

6. Jimmy - May 10, 2007

I pray now,that Simpson pays for his crime,sooner then later.

7. angryscientist - September 22, 2007

Looks like OJ slipped up big time. According to the New York Daily News, a friend of Nicole tipped off the cops who supplied the guns for the heist of memorabilia!

A mystery friend of O.J. Simpson’s slain ex-wife may have helped crack the case and a chatty Juice only dug himself in deeper, a police report reveals.

A woman caller claiming she knew O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson called 911 with a tip that fingered one of his cohorts in the Las Vegas memorabilia heist.

Cops raced to the Vegas airport on Saturday, two days after the stickup, and nabbed Walter Alexander, a Simpson golfing buddy, before he could hop on a plane home to Arizona.

“You mean the O.J. thing?” Alexander, 46, asked cops when they confronted him as he tried to check in for the flight, the police report said.

Alexander, who the tipster said provided the guns for the heist, surrendered to cops and gave a statement after his lawyer got police to agree not to use the information against him.

Armed with the statement from Alexander, cops arrested Simpson the next morning, less than 24 hours after he confidently predicted to a Daily News reporter that the matter was “over.”

Simpson then made things far worse for himself.

He invited cops into his hotel room, and with his small dog at his side, held court – even though his lawyer warned him to zip his lips.

He’s looking at hard time for this stunt. Decades, unless he gets off easy. He’s so arrogant, he thought he’d get away with it. His story is so full of holes, it’ll be tough for any lawyer to get him off this time. Maybe he’ll die in prison.

8. Linda - January 28, 2008

OJ Simpson is a double murderer and a loathesome person. When he went free, my faith in the judicial system tanked. Patsy Slut Ramsey going free in Colorado totally killed my faith in the injustice system.She and OJ should have gotten together. Loneliness is murder!

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