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An Angry Scientist is what I am, angry at misuse of science and language and resulting abuse of power by people in power, mostly rich white guys. I am a white guy of ethnic minority, not in power or rich, partly because my views are too unorthodox. I call misuse of science and language ideas based on male superiority over female in any capacity that could matter outside the world of sports defined in ways that give the male physique an edge; that science forges better living through genetic manipulation, nukes, or poisoning farms and bodies to combat infestations; that people are similar or inferior to machines, to be programmed or drugged to conform to proper conventional wisdom. Too many oversold dangerous drugs like Vioxx, HRT, Ritalin, Prozac; too many to list corruption scandals, conflicts of interest, revolving doors, predictable accidental disasters, military madness. Science has been corrupted to the extent I have to profoundly distrust what many scientists are up to. Depends on the person, certainly, but I bet some are up to cloning themselves.

There are some scientists and some men I think have integrity, but I think I should not embarrass them by naming them, unless I quote them. Some men pretend to respect feminism, but living up to that is not easy for a man, and I doubt more than a few try very hard. Male feminism often is a trick to get laid. A dirty little not so secret. I do try very hard, but I am weird way beyond eccentricity, and not some handsome hunk, so I had to try harder. I write software for a living, reading and writing the major hobby. I have a bunch of minor hobbies, but not a lot of spare time for them. As a high school senior I was on math, chess, and quiz team. Two of those teams won district championships in that big city on the west coast. I was never the smartest or best at anything, but I can be competitive.

I call myself Alexander Wren. If you have heard of me before this writing, that name has been mentioned on certain bulletin boards. I have some notoriety among my circle of friends, might be the weirdest man alive, who knows. My weirdness is not of any obvious sort, though it can make me stand out. I have unusual attitudes, passions, interests, aptitudes, but nothing in the way of common weirdness, like kinky, S/M, bisexual. I am not spectacularly ugly. Primary influences have long been certain rad women I know, along with a bunch of women writers to help me learn complicated life lessons. If you read between the lines, you may soon see what makes me weird. Or you can find out directly, if you read My Theories. That part of the blog is the only one where I’m concerned about my copyrights.

My e-mail is alexwren@pacbell.net

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