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1. Phil Bate PhD - November 4, 2007

Hi Gary,
As a retired orthomolecular psychologist, I am certainly on your side. I still have a VCR tape of you on a Donahue show back in 1982 with Marshall Mandell, a mentor and good friend of mine.

FYI, I have “invented” a simple cheap substitute for EEG biofeedback (aka neurofeedback). I even give it away to poor families. It does the same thing as EEG BF – namely it changes brain wave amplitude by repetitive subliminal messaging (instead of repetitive training looking at brain wave signals). If you are interested, you can check this out at http://drbate.com.

We need more “angry young men” like you. I am appalled by the loss of freedoms exemplified by the case of Laurie Jessop. I have posted this story to both my yahoogroups, my opt-in list, and personal list. I am an angry old man who has been fighting the so-called “health system” for many years, and the power grab by this Administration that abridges our rights.

2. angryscientist - November 4, 2007

Dr. Bates, I’m not sure Gary reads this blog, but I think someone will pass along your message!

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