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Dec. 7, 2008 Meeting of SoCal Health Support Group

So.Cal. Health Support Group “ReStart meeting

To: All Members of our Health Support Group

Our Health Support Group will next meet on Sunday è 12/ 07 /2008

NOTE: Those attending this meeting will be collectively deciding the specific direction and coverage of subse-quent H.S.G. meetings. Increased emphasis should be on aspects of COMMITMENT to the Protocols and in ‘SUPPORTING Each Other’ plus maximum efforts to keep costs as low as possible. Be there ! and let us put our “heads together” to define our future collective support.

The purpose of our HSG has been and will continue to be providing Support to each of us in our work to regain and/or enhance our physical and mental Health using what we have learned via the “Gary Null Protocol” relative to Lifestyle, Nutrition, Exercise, Meditation/ /Stress Management and good general Hygiene. We also remain open to and will examine various other sources of “Quality Health Protocols” that may reinforce and/or enhance our current collective knowledge base.

Some of us could be new to this different lifestyle — or be somewhat / greatly challenged in maintaining it. Support will be provided via past and continuing teachings of Dr Gary Null and Luanne Pennesi; via their Websites, and possible future Protocol Seminars (depending upon what we decide in the next few meetings) – plus our intervening HSG Seminars.

We will open the program with a showing of : 7 Steps to Perfect Health” – Part-1 … as we would like to establish a beginning reference point and develop a much more comitted and personal Support infrastructure.

Gary believes life can be lived in a manner that embraces body, mind, and spirit and that prevention is the key to healthy living. In this program, Gary guides the viewer on a path toward wellness. Learn how to identify health-risk factors, detoxify and rebalance the system with necessary nutrients and anti-oxidants, de-stress and exercise. Unburdened by excuses, viewers will become empowered and feel revitalized.

· Please come prepared to suggest and contribute to what will become a “Health Support Group” for All of us.

· Please pass this msg on to any of our members you know that does not have active Email access. Thank-you.


Communicate w/ Us ð Skip @ (310) 281- 6186 or

e-Mail at garynullsoca@yahoo.com

Good Samaritan Hospital Conference Center

639 S. Lucas Ave L.A. 90017 @ Wilshire Blvd


Share Rides – Call  310.281.6186


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