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GARY NULL LIVE IN LA August 4, 2012

I received the following announcement and flyer from Ron Miller


Gary Null Aug. 4 2012 Poster-1

A rare LA appearance of renowned film Producer, Director, Writer, Radio Talk Show Host & Alternative Health Expert GARY NULL, PhD from New York City ……..Saturday August 4th 2012

Meet & Greet Gary at the screening of two of his brand new films, followed by a lecture


The first new film is one of Gary’s hardest hitting documentaries:


The second new film is:


This film shows the atrocities that our government has committed against our Veterans. (Click on the link at the bottom of this page to watch trailers of both fantastic films)

The brand new lecture topic will be:


Emotional, Physical, Cultural and Political…offering solutions to many pertinent contemporary issues.

TIME: The first film starts at 12 noon. The second film starts approx. at 3:00pm. The lecture starts approx. at 5:00pm. It probably might go quite late with Q&A from you, the audience. Breaks will be provided between each film.

LOCATION: This event will be held at the beautiful William Hannon Theater located at: Mount St. Mary’s University, 12001 Chalon Rd. Los Angeles (Brentwood), CA. 90049 (near the 405 Freeway and Sunset Blvd.)

FOOD: Some homemade fresh health food will be available on the premises for a reasonable price. You can bring your own lunch/dinner, and enjoy a nice, peaceful picnic on the grass surrounded by a beautiful view.

BONUS: LIVE MUSIC: Come a little early (around 11:00am) to enjoy a live guitar/vocal duo.

COST: $30.00 per person, cash only, (at the door). Includes: (2) Film Screenings + 2 free DVD’s (one of each movie) + Gary’s lecture + Q & A afterwards.

Special price for Veterans (with ID): $20.00 ea.

PARKING: Plenty of FREE PARKING (on-site)

RESERVATIONS: To secure your seat, since there is limited seating, please make your reservation ASAP. Please CALL SKIP: (424) 237-0101 OK to call from 8am-10pm (please do NOT call or email me for reservations). If you have any questions, please call Skip (since I may not even see your email until after the event).


You may have noticed that I am deeply committed to volunteering my time and effort to promote the work of Gary Null. Why am I so deeply committed over the years?

With the information that I have learned from Gary and other experts in the alternative health field, I have been able to help myself, as well as friends and family. Gary has been most influential on my path to better health and living.

Allow me to either remind you, or to simply introduce you to Dr. Gary Null through my eyes.

Gary is a passionate scientist/researcher, who is focused and driven. The issues that he is bringing forth concern all of us. He is speaking out on our behalf, we need to open our ears and listen. He is a brilliant visionary with practical ideas on how to solve health, social and environmental problems on a personal and global level. He is truly a Renaissance man.

Gary has written approximately 64 books, most of them on alternative health. He has produced approximately 76 films/documentaries, many of them award winning. (To get an idea of the quality and importance of his documentaries, click here to view highlights of many of Gary’s films)

In the Alternative Health field, over the years, Gary’s awareness has shown to be 20 years ahead of his time. He has led the fight against: fluoride, mandatory vaccines, hormone replacement therapy, the over drugging of our children, the truth on Aids, Gulf War Syndrome, GMO’s…etc…He is known to be able to reverse “incurable” diseases like full blown Alzheimer’s disease, Aids, Cancer, Heart Disease…etc…fully documented cases.

Check out Gary’s extensive Alternative Health website: http://www.garynull.com

Recently his avant garde awareness led him to address many other urgent and critical contemporary issues, which concern ALL OF US on one level or another…such as nuclear power and solar flares/storms…etc…

It is human nature to avoid what is uncomfortable because it is not easy to look at the truth. At times, it is not always easy to hear what Gary has to share, but we need to face it “head on” if we are to survive and thrive on this planet in peace and harmony with our fellow man and Mother Earth.

Check Gary Null’s award winning film “Knocking on the Devil’s Door-Our Deadly Nuclear Legacy”, on stopping Nuclear Power…Here is the link for the trailer.


Imagine if today, without any notice, we lost ALL use of: electricity, water, cell & house phones and vehicles! How are stores going to sell us food or water if they have no electricity? Are you aware that most of our 104 Nuclear Power Plants have only 7 days worth of diesel fuel to run the back-up generators for their cooling pumps? Are you aware that our US electrical grid does not have the surge protectors needed to protect against any major solar flare? The transformers would be overloaded and burn out. Replacements would have to come from China, since we are not set up to make them in the US; it takes 3 years to have them made!! Many top experts, including NASA, are predicting that there is a very, very good chance that very very soon, we will be hit by a major solar flare. Are you prepared..?? Do you have a plan..?? Imagine how your life would be changed with NO electricity, NO water, NO phones, NO cars…etc…We need to apply pressure to get these surge protectors built and installed at all Nuclear Power Plants, until they are all closed down. Then, we need to protect our entire Electrical Grid. We don’t need 104 Fukushima’s!! Can we rely on our Government to do what is right to take care of us?

This is an example of practical solutions offered as the result of Gary’s awareness:

I have heard over the years different experts on the topic of Solar Flares, either on Gary Null’s shows or George Noory’s show on Coast to Coast. A few days ago on KPFK radio, I listened to an excellent show on this very subject; it was Gary Null’s interview of Matthew Stein from MIT, on “Preparing for Serious Solar & CME Storms”. I highly recommend that EVERYONE listen to this interview.

(Go to KPFK archives http://www.archive.kpfk.org, scroll down to “Something’s Happening-B”… then on Wed. July 25th…then go to the right column and click on “PLAY”….then fast forward to 97:00 minutes and listen until 169 minutes)

WHERE CAN YOU LISTEN TO GARY ? Besides searching Gary’s name on http://www.youtube.com and watching many very good speeches and film trailers here are two of the best:

KPFK RADIO (90.7 FM): The only commercial free radio station in the LA area.

Every Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning) from midnight -6 am, on Roy of Hollywood’s show Something’s Happening, you can listen to re-runs of Gary’s recent NY’s shows. Gary usually comes on Live between 5:00am-6:00am and answers questions from callers.

If you don’t want to stay up all night, you can go to the KPFK archives and play past shows at your leisure. (see instructions on last paragraph).


Besides Gary Null’s daily show, he offers a diversity of topics like Health, Environment, Economics, Sexuality, Investigations, Politics, and Spirituality… etc… he has some of the most progressive and remarkable minds hosting their own shows. Hosts such as Dr. Michio Kaku, Australian Dr. Helen Caldicott, Jim Hightower, Michael Ruppert, Danny Schechter, Dr. Henry Grayson, Dr. Peter Breggin, Harvey Wasserman, Roy Tuckman, Cary Harrison among many others. Where else can you hear a real interview of third party Presidential candidates? Naturally you can check the archives of Gary’s past shows.

Attached is a flier/poster that you can print in color or black and white and post at your local favorite health food store, vegan restaurant, gym, school, work, church or wherever else you think people might be interested. You can print it full size: 8 ½” x 11” or print 2 per sheet. If the manager is agreeable to placing a stack of fliers on the counter, let us know right away and we will hand deliver some.

From my personal experience Sprouts and Mother’s Market are great for posting fliers; many Vitamin Shoppe’s will allow it (better chance of a YES answer if you are buying something at the same time). Remember…even if you post one or two, this will make a big difference. Thank you.

Mainstream media is trying to keep a lid on Gary’s work…for obvious reasons. Therefore, it is our responsibility to share this information with our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers in order to awaken our country before it is too late!!! How many people are on your email contact list that you care about? Thank you for forwarding this to them.

Let’s work together… Gary comes to the Los Angeles area only once a year… let’s do our very best to make this day an INSIGHTFUL… FUN…. and GREAT EVENT!!!

Today we are faced with many urgent issues that need to be addressed, a few of which I felt compelled to address in this email. I appreciate your patience on reading this to the end.

Hope to see you August 4th


Ron Miller & Francoise Zinalsky

Gary Null So. Cal. Health Support Group

Please check the trailers of both movies:



Food for thought… “Let us try to make the most of today. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present!”

“Prepare for the worst. If the worst doesn’t happen, you lose nothing by preparing. But, if the worst happens and you are not prepared…you lose everything!!….Gerald Celente


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