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Gary Null Talk in Los Angeles Oct.14, 2007

This is from a flyer sent to me by the Los Angeles chapter of the Gary Null Health Support Group. The fonts may have gotten scrambled in the multiple transmissions.



Announcing an upcoming Special Event !!!

Dr Gary Null will be in town and

Leading our next Seminar Oct 14th

Meeting is @ 4 PM Doors Open @ 3:30

v Gary will be Previewing his new ‘Documentary’ entitled “Vaccine Nationfollowed by a lecture The End of All Diseaseincluding Detoxificationand then a Questions/Answers period.

v Bring Guests to this seminar (Relatives – Friends – Coworkers) and be helped in discovering their own Protocols !


v Learn about Gary’s newest project – “The People’s Documentary

vis-à-vis the#1 Problem in America today – Our DIET

We can all participate/volunteer our movie making skills/expertise.




To become involved each would declare their intention to participate, and (if they know) what skills they have to contribute. This info they could discuss with Art via 310-281-6186 or Gary via “CONTACT” on WWW.GaryNull.com web site.


s Share Rides – Call 310.281.6186

Don’t Medicate EDUCATE !! Attend your Health Support Group.

Use the “TEAM to help move you ahead. Call us today to get support in Diet, Nutrition, Exercise & Meditation

Call the ‘Team – we are available @ 310.281.6186.

Diet/nutritionSkip Meditation/stress.. Art

ExerciseJamal & Skip Hygiene Art & Abe

Juicing….. Abe & George

Please Communicate w/ Us Skip/Art @ (310) 281- 6186 or

· E-mail @ garynullsoca@yahoo.com

Good Samaritan Hospital Conference Center

639 S. Lucas Ave L.A. 90017 @ Wilshire Blvd


1. Ron Miller - October 7, 2007

Hi, I started listening to Gary Null on KPFK (90.7 FM) on Tuesday nts. (midnight – 5:30am) in 1998. When he started the So. Cal. Health Support Group in 2000, I was at the point in my life that I wanted to lose weight and get healthier. For many years I gained wt. every year, which adds up after 10+ years. I was (and still am…but not as bad) a workaholic, working 80+ hours a week, 8 days a week, so the chance of increased energy got my attention.

I joined the group and it changed my life! Seven years later I am now 52 years old and look younger than I did in 2000. I have less gray hair, more energy, lost 50 lbs., and my hairline has moved forward (instead of rearward like my 5 younger brothers)! I changed my diet and stopped eating meat and dairy. I do not exercise the amount that I should, so I have not followed Gary Nulls protocol exactly, but it has totally changed my life. Some of my current best friends I have met from the health support group.

I have gotten involved in Alternative Health and continue to learn new things every week. I listen to KPFK every Tues. nt., have purchased many of Gary’s great books and other alternative health books also. I have helped many of my friends, relatives and muscle car customers with what I have learned. On most health subjects there are many different viewpoints and many contradict each other…..but Gary’s information is 5-20 years ahead of other so-called health experts! Gary’s website is http://www.garynull.com it is the largest alternative health website in the world. What I always recommend to first check out are his trailers of his award winning films, his story on fluoridation and his story of vaccines.

Still not sure???…..Come to LA next Sunday and see for yourself….you will be impressed!!! ….. Ron Miller

2. www.dietsandnutrition.info » Gary Null Talk in Los Angeles - October 9, 2007

[…] angryscientist wrote a fantastic post today on “Gary Null Talk in Los Angeles”Here’s ONLY a quick extractAttend your Health Support Group. Use the “TEAM” to help move you ahead. Call us today to get support in Diet, Nutrition, Exercise & Meditation. Call the ‘Team’ – we are available @ 310.281.6186. Diet/nutrition… Skip Meditation/stress. … […]

3. angryscientist - October 26, 2007

This comes from Art Galindo’s notes about this Gary Null talk.

‘Once in a While Notes’ from ART GALINDO

We had a most enlivening visit with Gary Null in the previous week.
Gary arrived in San Francisco for two days of interviewing guests for some of his new documentary films.

When he finished late Tuesday afternoon, we drove him down to L.A. in time to make the broadcast of the “Roy of Hollywood” show on KPFK which starts at midnight .

Next day took him to the Pacifica Graduate School in Santa Barbara – where he interviewed some Philosophers and Doctors.

The following day he interviewed Doctors attending the DAN! Autistic Symposium in Garden Grove.

This aggressive schedule ended on Sunday.
He led our seminar and showed his new film AIDS INC. – and gave an outstanding lecture (we will have a recording available at the Oct. 28 Seminar with Luanne.)

4. how old is emma watson - January 19, 2011

Gary Null Talk in Los Angeles Angry Scientist: Hiya, I just wanted to let you know that I have linked to your website with a dofollow link so that my readers can see your blog. I visit your site often and love reading your blog so I thought others will to. You can see the link to your site here http://www.emmawatsonpics.org/sites-we-like/ Byeee

5. angryscientist - January 24, 2011

I thought for sure that comment was spam, as did Akismet the WordPress spam filter, but strange as it seems, that is a real site, powered by WordPress Robot, loaded with ads and spam, but the link here actually is there. I have no idea why that commenter likes this site. Harry Potter amuses me, but I don’t really understand what all the fuss is about. Witchcraft? People don’t understand the power of the imagination or dreams. No wonder they fear witches, abominations according to the Bible. People need to remember religious authorities tortured and executed heretics and alleged witches. The separation of church and state was put into the Bill of Rights for a reason.

Anyway, that site has a discussion about a woman who thinks Harry Potter is an “attempt to indoctrinate children in witchcraft” and is thinking of taking it to federal court. I know Bush stacked the courts, but I doubt even he could have found judges who would not throw that suit out of court.

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