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July 24, 2011 Meeting of SoCal Health Support Group

To: All Members of our Health Support Group – this Sunday, July 24, @ 4:00 to 7:00pm
Announcing: the Next of our L.A. Gary Null – Health Support Group meetings.
Our guest speaker will be Judy Kemecsei
Judy Kemecsei has been a medical researcher in holistic and alternative medicine for 30 years. She is a cleansing coach for 10 years with training in Ayurveda Medicine.

As a cleansing coach she teaches the Secret to Perfect Health is maintaining a clean liver, gallbladder, kidneys and colon along with having a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Judy became interested in learning about liver function after her mother died 28 years ago of liver disease. Since then Judy has become an expert in liver, gallbladder and kidney function. Judy says that “If I knew then what I know now I am confident it would have saved my mother’s life.” Judy teaches her clients that the symptoms are not the disease and that addressing the root cause is the only way to Perfect Health.

Judy became a coach because she found that most people need coaching to follow through when learning about cleansing and incorporating new diet/lifestyle changes.

Judy is also a massage therapist of 28 years. She has worked for many chiropractors and acupuncturists for many years, so she is very familiar with pain. Judy was Bob Hope’s massage therapist for 7 years.
http://www.judykcleansingcoach.com 818-789-1698 email judyk8@earthlink.net
see below about Judy’s presentation: The importance of Bile and Liver/Gallbladder Cleansing
Gary’s – “How a varied and healthy diet, undertaking regular physical activity, being at a healthy weight and limiting alcohol intake, about 340,000 cases of cancer in United States could be prevented each year.”
Video: Michael Borganzi on Wheatgrass + george Demo on Juicing it.
Please Call Skip for Reservations – @ (424) 237-0101
* Meetings are held at the newer LOCATION HOPE CHAPEL*
Hope Chapel is in Hawthorne, Ca. It is on the east side of Hawthorne Blvd. behind the Hawthorne Hardware store –
• We always have many previously shown Dr Gary Null DVDs available
• We have for sale the GNA Vitamins / Supplements Gary left w/ us.
These items are available for immediate purchase.
• Other GN Items can be ordered and will be available at the next meeting. 13560 Hawthorne Bvd 90250

Please pass these msgs on to any of our members you know that do not have active Email access.
Don’t Medicate – • EDUCATE !!
Communicate w/ Us Skip @ (424)237-0101 or e-Mail garynullsoca@yahoo.com
Hope Chapel* 13560 Hawthorne Blvd, Hawthorne, Ca 90250
Share Rides – Call Skip @ (424)237-0101
GARY NULL SoCal. Health Support Group Meeting
Hope Chapel
13560 Hawthorne Blvd
Hawthorne Hardware
The importance of Bile and Liver/Gallbladder Cleansing

You will learn why the Root cause of illness and disease is a congested liver and gallbladder.

At this lecture you will learn that everyone has gallstones, and that they are actually made in the liver not the gallbladder. Yes the liver.

Unlike the stomach, for example, the liver rarely tells you directly when it is upset or if it needs your attention. But it does tell you indirectly by the body creating symptoms that it starts to perform poorly. A skin irritation, weak eyesight, a bowel problem, painful menstrual cycles, recurring headache, weight gain, loss of energy, sudden aging, restricted blood vessels, bloated intestines, digestive problems, breathing difficulties, memory and concentration loss, pain in the joints, or any major illness such as heart disease, cancer, MS, diabetes or Alzheimer’s, to mention a few, would not occur if the liver were in optimum shape.

Over 20 million adults suffer from attacks of gallstones every year. In many cases, treatment consists of removing the gallbladder, at the cost of $5,000 or more per operation.

A liver congested with 1,000’s of gallstones may be one of the most common, yet rarely recognized causes of illness today – even in alternative medicine.
You will learn why over 20 million people suffer from attacks of gallstones every year in the US alone, and that you can remove them in the privacy of your own home with no side effects. Attending this lecture will give you an understanding that you are in charge of your health and peace of mind knowing that you do not have to worry about having a gallbladder attack which most of the time comes on without a warning.

http://www.judykcleansingcoach.com 818-789-1698 email judyk8@earthlink.net


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