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May 11, 2013 Meeting of SoCal Health Support Group


Gary Null’s great new film: “SEEDS OF DEATH”, about the importance of educating the public regarding the labeling of genetically engineered food (GMO’s), will be shown at our upcoming Gary Null LA Health Support Group meeting, Saturday May 11th!!

After the film, Gary is scheduled to call in on Skype for Q & A.

TRAILER OF FILM: click here to watch a short trailer of this film:

One of the Center’s hosts: JOAD PUTTERMILECH, an Eastern Alternative Healer, will give a healing demonstration for people from the audience with health issues.

DATE: Sat. May 11th, 2013 4PM (ending at 7:00pm or later ??)

COST: $10 per person
Everyone attending will receive a complimentary DVD of the film.

LOCATION: The meeting will be held at the
Hall Health and Longevity Center,
916 Main St.
Venice (LA) 90291 CA

PARKING: There is a pay Parking lot located on Electric Ave. between Broadway and Westminster and it is $6.00. It is one block northeast of Abbot Kenney Blvd. There is free parking a few blocks away. If you need a ride from your parking place to the event, call my cell and I will pick you up: Ron (714)757-8437. Afterwards I can also give you a ride back to your car if you wish.

CAR POOLING: If you are interested in attending and need a ride, send me an email and I will try to find someone in your area to help. If you have room in your car and want to help, also let me know. Ron Miller: rpmhealth@gmail.com

FOOD: There will be some really good Vegan food available, provided by Marisol’s “Radiant Raw” at reasonable prices. She was one of the food providers at the Mt. St. Mary’s event last August when Gary was here live.

BOB ELIAS, the coordinator of the Gary Null Health Support Group meetings, invites everyone to listen to his radio talk show program, on Gary’s internet radio station Progressive Radio Network.
The name of Bob’s show is “Let’s Create a Better World”. It addresses alternative health and activism issues.
Bob’s show is at 11- 11:30 in English and 11:30 – Noon in Spanish (Pac. Time)
To listen to the show on Saturdays, go to http://www.prn.fm and click on “Listen Live” tab.
To listen to past shows, go to ARCHIVE, then click on “Let’s Create a Better World”, then click on FULL ARCHIVES.
It can also be listened to, live, on your phone, Saturdays from 11AM to Noon by calling 619-550-0869 at these times.

This is our first Gary Null LA Support Group Meeting for many months.
In the future, we are planning on having one meeting per month. We are open to your suggestions for other locations in LA County, Orange County and/or San Fernando Valley.

Make note that this meeting is SATURDAY (not Sunday).
We appreciate your feedback on whether you prefer Saturday’s or Sunday’s for future meetings.

Please forward this announcement to your friends and family. Please post it on your favorite social media sites, Mother’s Market, your favorite health food store, gym, alternative doctor’s office etc.

MORE GMO INFO: For more information on GMO’s and what you can do to pass “Right to Know” labeling click on the link below. You can volunteer to help this movement in your area. Also on http://www.youtube search “GMO” and lots of good informative videos can be watched for free.

For further information and for those that would like to volunteer, please contact Bob Elias at (323) 770-1925.


Hope to see you Saturday May 11th

Ron Miller

“Let us try to make the most of today. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present!”

“Prepare for the worst. If the worst doesn’t happen, you lose nothing by preparing. But, if the worst happens and you are not prepared…you lose everything!!”….Gerald Celente.


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