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Oct. 16, 2011 Meeting of SoCal Health Support Group

To: All Members of our Health Support Group – this Sunday, Oct 16, @ 4:30 to 7:30pm
Announcing: the Next of our L.A. Gary Null – Health Support Group meetings.
We will meet @ — in Redondo Beach
The meeting Location: 415 N. Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(Redondo Shores Shopping Center – across fm Whole Foods)
Rena Joy will speak on “True Healing on Every Level”
This meeting will be conducted in Rena Joy’s Healing Center/Store (which regularly includes advise and availability of specific supplements and modalities for addressing Physical, Mental, and Emotional Healing — including Meditation and Detoxing/Probiotics.

Organic foods and probiotic nutrients will be prepared for individual sampling —
colon cleansing is a very important component of her healing recommendations.

Rena relates that she was in the process of writing a book, specifically explaining how healing occured through gaining consciousness of the inderlying emotional and spiritual separations from the true self and how connecting witrh your Higher Self would bring about such consciousness, information and energy to effect true healing on every level. She was moved to start a store, sell aroma-therapy, crystals, flower essences, books, beautiful spiritual objects, etc. Meditate everyday and send in healing light and vibrations of love and consciousness.

People will come thinking it is a store, but they will receive the energy and transformations will begin. Various classes inform people and empower them to be active in their spiritual growth.
– = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = –
Please Call Skip for Reservations – @ (424) 237-0101
* This meeting will be held at the SootheYourSoul LOCATION
“SootheYourSoul” is in Redondo Bch, Ca. (pls see attached map)
It is in the Redondo Shores Shopping Center –
• We always have many previously shown Dr Gary Null DVDs available
• We have for sale the GNA Vitamins / Supplements Gary left w/ us. 415 N. PCH, Redondo Bch
These items are available for immediate purchase. (also see attached MAP)
• Other GN Items can be ordered and will be available at the next meeting.
Please pass these msgs on to any of our members you know that do not have active Email access.
Don’t Medicate – • EDUCATE !!
Communicate w/ Us  Skip @ (424)237-0101 or e-Mail garynullsoca@yahoo.com
Hope Chapel* 13560 Hawthorne Blvd, Hawthorne, Ca 90250
Share Rides – Call Skip @ (424)237-0101
GARY NULL SoCal. Health Support Group Meeting


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