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Oct. 28, 2012 Meeting of SoCal Health Support Group

To: All Members of our Health Support Group – on Sunday Oct 28 @ 4:00 to 7:00pm
Announcing: the Next of our L.A. Gary Null – Health Support Group meetings. New Location
Donation is $10 to $15, no one turned away! Comments or questions via email to protectingourseeds@gmail.com. Or call Skip or Bob Elias for info at 323.770-1925
We have combined our meeting this month with the “California Right to Know Committee” to view “Genetic Roulette” – a film by Jeffrey Smith supporting “Yes on Proposition 37” – the labeling of all GMO foods.
Meet @ Good Samaritan Anet Aguilar, Volunteer & Coordinator ‘CA Right to Know’
Check http://www.carighttoknow.org for banners, labels, T-shirts, buttons,etc
Everyone !! We need to know what GMOs are being put into many of our grocery store products. (They’re way more numerous than you might guess. GMO corn is found in so – so many canned/packaged foods) Manufacturers won’t voluntarily tell us where – so we must require them to label each and every product that contains any of the various GMOs. And don’t let them tell you it’s much more expensive if they must label GMOs. (That’s a lie — They change labels ‘all the time’) Most European countries now require the labeling. As for the health aspects argument – check the internet. Lab tests and Field results relate the damaging health problems after feeding animals and humans these Genetically Modified foods. Think about this: Why are Monsanto and DuPont spending $1 million a day to defeat CA Prop37 ?? They obviously want to hide it from all of us.
Vote Yes on PROP 37 & Spread the word to anyone you can think of. We may be speaking with Gary Null about this on a conference call. YES ON 37 Because We Have The Right To Know What’s In Our Food!
Look at / Read / Study all Food Labels
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Please Call Skip for Reservations or Questions – @ (424) 237-0101
Don’t Medicate – • EDUCATE !!
Communicate w/ Us Skip @ (424)237-0101 or
e-Mail at garynullsoca@yahoo.com
Good Samaritan Hospital Community Room, 2nd Floor
637 s.Lucas Ave L.A. 90017 @ Wilshire Blvd Share Rides – Call Skip @ (424)237-0101
GARY NULL SoCal. Health Support Group Meeting


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