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Oct. 28, 2007 meeting of SoCal Health Support Group

This comes from a flyer sent to me by Art Galindo of the SoCal Health Support Group.



So.Cal Health Support Group Oct 28th 4 pm

UPCOMING MEETING Sunday Oct 28th $10.

Because of the fires, and congestion at airports, Luanne has postponed her live lecture Sunday. However, she will be with us via telephone to give us a Protective Protocol on both Detoxification and Protection against the smoke from the fires.

What to do to get the smoke and toxins out of our bodies is a very timely topic that we do need at this time. Luanne will also discuss Financial Fitness as promised.

This is an important Seminar as we can attempt to put our like minds together during the current environmental crisis. Gary will also be calling in at some point during this meeting.

All or parts of a “DETOXIFICATION” movie by Gary will be shown.

For those interested, Laurie Jessop will be attending this meeting. (She is the Mother jailed – with children put in foster care – and on trial for curing her 17 year old son of Melanoma using holistic alternative therapies!!… see the only website that currently has the entire story www.angryscientist.wordpress.com



NEXT MEETING is Nov 11th

Luanne will be here for the November 11th L.A. HSG meeting and she will bring an advanced copy for a premier showing of Gary’s new Documentary à VACCINE-NATION


s Share Rides – Call 310.281.6186

Don’t Medicate · EDUCATE !!

Use the “TEAM to help move you ahead. Call us today to get support in Diet, Nutrition, Exercise & Meditation

Call the ‘Team– we are available @ 310.281.6186 .

Diet/nutritionSkip Meditation/ stress.. Art

ExerciseJamal & Skip HygieneArt & Abe

Juicing ….. Abe & George

Please Communicate w / Us ð Skip /Art @ ( 310) 281- 6186 or

E-mail @ garynullsoca@yahoo.com

Good Samaritan Hospital Conference Center

639 S. Lucas Ave L.A. 90017 @ Wilshire Blvd


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