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Sept. 14, 2008 Meeting of SoCal Health Support Group


So.Cal Health Support Group

Sunday Meeting Sept 14th

4 to 7:30 pm

@ 3:30 PM Sharp ! SPECIAL – ORIENTATION by Abe for ALL à “New & Repeaters”

Luanne Pennesi, RN, MS

will be here from NY and speaking on:

“ Actualizing the  Gary Null PROTOCOL”


“Practical applications of Chinese Medicine”

and How It Relates to Health, Longevity and Sex

! Tonite – Listen to Luanne Tue midnite 12-12:30am (1/2hr) on KPFK FM 90.7 !

s Luanne will give a dynamic talk about “Actualizing the Gary Null PROTOCOL” and Protecting Ourselves from the Toxic Environment. She will also address Practical Applications of Chinese Medicine and how it relates to Health, Longevity and Sex.

– It’s all about actual living !

s If you are OFF & On with Diets, Exercise, and Meditation This SEMINAR is for You.

s If you get enthused about starting a new Lifestyle for Better Health, but get distracted… This SEMINAR is for You.

s If you are experiencing a Plateau in your Commitment to Health… This SEMINAR is for You.

s If you need a Kick in the Pants to keep going for the Health you want… This SEMINAR is for You.

s If you are Tired of Excuses and Reasons and want RESULTS… This SEMINAR is for You.

s If you have not been to a Support Group for a while and need to Reconnect with your Commitment to your Healthy Life Style… This is for You.

s If you are not having more Energy, and Aliveness and Fun being on the PROTOCOL… This SEMINAR is for You.

s Come and have an informative Life Changing Meeting with fun-loving-nutritionist-nurse-athlete and lifestyle coach Luanne Pennesi.


s Gary will be calling-in from New York.

s Bring any new guests at half price of $10.  Think of a family member, a friend, a coworker, a person you think could benefit from Gary‘s PROTOCOL. And invite them !! This is how I got started – by my friend inviting me to a HSG Meeting.  This is how many of us got started. So put shyness and hesitancy aside – and contribute this to people who you touch… your Mom, Dad, brother, sister, cousin, boss, co-worker, friend and even enemies !

s Luanne will do the rest to get them on the Path to a Healthy Life Style.

s Our Integrity is to Share and Support others by inviting them. Give people a choice and alternative to drugs and conventional medicine.

s Because we want to have a full house for Luanne, we agree that we will bring guests to our Sept 14th meeting.  We agree that we will call the Gary Null Hotline  310281-6186 and report how many guests we have so we can book the big lecture hall downstairs.  Please call, no matter how many, so we can make booking arrangement. Let’s really use this seminar to share with our co-workers, friends and family (enemies too!).

Many Luanne handouts @ http://www.gnhealth.com/supportgroup/sgdocs.html

Luanne’s website is www.metropolitanwellness.com – her eMail: WHNN@AOL.com

– her Tele is 6316427050

14Sep’HSG mtg

Share Rides – Call  310.281.6186 Don’t Medicate · EDUCATE !!

Please Communicate w / Us ð Art @ ( 310) 281- 6186 or

E-mail at garynullsoca@yahoo.com

Good Samaritan Hospital Conference Center

639 S. Lucas Ave L.A. 90017 @ Wilshire Blvd

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2. Click on Date fm Calendar è Then Click on Tiny Earphones Icon to Listen.

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