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Sept. 28, 2008 Meeting of SoCal Health Support Group

Empowerment Seminar.

So.Cal Health Support Group

4 to 7:30 pm



@ 3:30 PM Sharp ! For an ORIENTATION ( this time by Art ) for ALL — “New & Repeaters”

Our next meeting (This Sunday), we will cover Gary‘s Innovative Protocol for DETOXIFYING our Bodies & Environment as part of his Seven Steps to Health

About Gary‘s Protocol

Gary says:I believe the reason so many people are fatigued today is because they are so toxic. Before you begin (and maintain) any program to rejuvenate and heal we must ‘clean up our act’.

Premature aging comes from the accumulation of toxins in our environment and our bodies. Because of these toxic forces, any successful Protocol must begin with a thorough cleansing of body, mind and spirit. When you look for the causes of aging and disease, you must look at heavy metals – including mercury, cadmium and lead. The brain, kidneys and immune system are particularly vulnerable to these toxins – Yet we continually put these toxins into our bodies – everyday.”

Educate – Don’t Medicate

As always our meetings are about educating ourselves. Our theme is Educate – Don’t Medicate”.

So we come to learn how to develop a lifestyle that promotes health. Most importantly, we come to learn how to detoxify and strengthen our immune system so we can enjoy living a life of health and sharing joy with others.

Share and bring Guests

We (the.Support.Team) suggest you share this important work with your family, friends, and coworkers.  If you share, this keeps the Protocol alive for yourself. This in turn supports you in your pursuit of better health by having understanding and supportive people in your life.  In my own experience, having two of my best friends, Abe and Jerry, in the Health Support Group, affirms that for me. They make a big difference in my life by supporting me in this journey to health. In addition, people at the Seminar and via phone calls, are an inspiration to me and have supported me in ways that they do not realize.

How Healthy do you Want to Be?

This will be my last seminar as your Coordinator. And I will very much miss both the contact at our Seminars and the numerous telephone conversations. The Seminars will continue with the Support Team.  Abe led the last Seminar (members at that Seminar have given me positive feedback) and is considering taking on the ‘Coordinator’ position.

Abe has an interest in making this a more self generating and more support oriented group.  He wants more participation and individual ownership of the work we do together.  We have provided valuable input by having inspiring Doctors and Speakers.This has been good. However, our next step is for US to be the Generating Force for our work together.  This can be done by sharing, when we meet, more of our experiences concerning what is working and not working. By seeing what works and doesn’t, we will then tailor our efforts for a more efficient joint and community effort.  Together we will find the ways to answer Gary‘s Question “HOW HEALTHY DO YOU WANT  TO BE?”

Become Active with Abe

So look for more group participation – more ownership of the upcoming Seminars – with more individual support.  I really support Abe in this approach and I think it will Empower us as a Support Group. As with any leader, it is the team that makes a leader effective. Please consider being on the team by giving what you can in making our work more empowering to our members. Call our Gary Null hot line to leave any comments or recommendations. Phone is 310.281-6186. Or reply to this Email.

I look forward to being with you and your Guests on Sunday – we will celebrate during and after.

s Get discounts on various Gary Null products.

s Look for an impromptu Auction – to raise $$$ for our HSG.

s Previous Seminar CD recordings are available for $3.00 if you call ahead.

“FIRST TIME” Guests that accompany you will be only $7.50.

Bring Friends/Family/Coworkers to this special event !!!

Share Rides (save gas) Call  310.281.6186 Don’t Medicate · EDUCATE !!


Call the ‘Team– For support in Diet, Supplementation, Medications, Stress Reduction, Exercise and Hygiene we are available @ 310.281.6186 .

Please Communicate w / Us ð Abe @ (310) 281- 6186 or

E-mail at garynullsoca@yahoo.com

Good Samaritan Hospital Conference Center

639 S. Lucas Ave L.A. 90017 @ Wilshire Blvd


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