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So.Cal Health Support Group

Tuesday Nite on KPFK Oct 14th

3:30 to 5:30 am (Wed AM)


Upcoming Program Note pasted here from Roy’s Site


There have been complaints and accusations 
against Gary’s live comments from last week’s
show and the charges are serious.  
The critics have been invited to appear on 
the air at this time and voice their charges
and objections without interruption.  
Then Gary will respond.  This promises to be
an historic broadcast, one way or another.

“Because of the gravity of this event (esp. w/ the current time we’re in) Gary Null requests everyone listen in to this show”

Even — “This could be the LAST nite of Gary on KPFK”

! Tonite – Listen to Gary Null (Tue nite/ Wed morn) 3:30-?am on KPFK FM 90.7 !

s To listen LIVE read below –

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1. Google this è www.virtuallybaroque.com/roh/2008/2008.htm

2. Select any from list è DIRECT LINKS – – – Live Streams:32 kbps http://www.kwire.org/

90 kbps http://two.kwire.org:8900/

Via iTunes – “Radio/Public”

s If you missed it last nite: read below –

KPFK’s Online Audio Archivesprevious episodes of KPFK Programs that you can listen to OnLine .


1. Google this è www.somethingshappening.com/ Select What Happened then Date.

2. Click on Date fm Calendar è Then Click on Tiny Earphone Icon to Listen.

Q’s? – Call @(310) 281- 6186 or E-mail to garynullsoca@yahoo.com


1. angryscientist - October 14, 2008

This has been brewing for awhile. Free Speech Radio so-called has had about enough of Gary Null speaking too freely for the comfort of management. The New York station kicked him out for insubordination, so Null started broadcasting on the web and created the Progressive Radio Network. Will KPFK follow suit?

2. angryscientist - June 14, 2010

Since this post has been getting some views lately, I guess I’ll explain what happened. Nobody had the nerve to show up to debate Gary Null, just to throw some mud at him to see if anything would stick. I got the impression the debate was supposed to be about HIV/AIDS. Null believes, with considerable evidence, that there’s no connection between HIV and AIDS. Basically Dr. Robert Gallo rewrote a study that couldn’t find the connection to make it seem that he had found the cause of AIDS, earning him tons of royalties for the fraudulent HIV test he invented. Since the challenger chickened out, Null gave a history lesson on the seamy side of Pacifica management. The sexual harassment lawsuits have been costly, despite all efforts by Pacifica to defend its guys, since the accusers have solid evidence. Null said, as I recall, those costs were second only to salaries. There were other ugly abuses of power Null documented. Pacifica wasn’t the free speech radio it claims to be, in his experience. One producer capriciously cut off Null’s show when he felt like it, but that was minor compared to things various bigwigs did to others. His grievances aren’t just sour grapes because the New York affiliate fired him. After creating the Progressive Radio Network on the web, Null quickly rebuilt his audience. If Pacifica meant to silence him (the efforts haven’t stopped), they failed. The Pacifica audience and ability to raise funds has deteriorated, while PRN grows by leaps and bounds.

3. jonny - January 8, 2016

It wasn’t as much personal as Gary being used as a lightning rod. Instead the real purpose of the Pacifica National Board is it seems to run pacifica into the ground and then ‘independently’ buy up the assets at pennies on the dollar…watch what happens.

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