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My Theories

Note: Only the articles in this section of this blog, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted.

This is to introduce the explanation of my theories, which will develop in subsections. Basically the premise that distinguishes my theories is that since all particles behave like waves, all the properties of what appear to be particles can be explained by the properties of waves, specifically standing waves, waves propagating primarily within tight boundaries. I will show the big bang is just another theory, since the universe has a way of appearing to expand. Space is the fabric of the waves traversing it. Thus, the life of humanity is what it makes of it. It doesn’t have to be like this. Buckminster Fuller said people had the technology to make earth a virtual paradise.

For the first time in history it is now possible to take care of everybody at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. Only ten years ago the ‘more with less’ technology reached the point where this could be done. All humanity now has the option to become enduringly successful.

– R. Buckminster Fuller, 1980

He was right then, and by now, people have no excuse, but too much money is at stake in preserving the status quo, so we have this sad joke of a Democratic government promoting more nuclear power, clean coal, offshore oil, biofuels, genetic engineering. Isn’t that called greenwashing? Obama and his party are undeniably experts at that; maybe I’ll change my tune when they show me more than an organic garden on the presidential lawn while they tell their base groups to cool their jets, they don’t want the other party to recapture Congress right? This is politics?

Come on independents, declare independence from this noise! Rebel! It isn’t just the environmentalists who have reason to rebel. Politics trumps principle, as a rule. Look what Obama did to women issuing that new Executive Order making sure the Hyde Amendment prohibiting federal funding for abortions would remain in force, to placate a few more votes for his grand health insurance reform bill! Is that what a feminist looks like? If one didn’t know, Ms. Magazine did a cover with Obama wearing that slogan on his shirt. As a man, I might be confused about that, but I have to say, Obama has his nerve, but sadly, this is standard Democratic triangulation politics, to anyone with a memory and an independent mind. Politics sickens me, and some of these third parties aren’t immune from being opportunistic or shallow, in my opinion. I’d rather keep this blog apolitical, though I am not actually disinterested.

As a skeptic of everything, especially mainstream views, I have my doubts when Obama says science will guide him, as opposed to Bush. Something else is guiding him, and they’re rich and powerful, unlike me. I only care about what I cannot doubt. Not much of what passes for modern philosophy survives that test, but there is an absolute reality, so far removed from what passes for politics, it isn’t funny. Life is real. Consciousness is real. Death is real. Political drama, not.

I’m not talking about religion or God, whatever that means. Some things I can prove cannot be doubted, and others, such as certain principles, I have to assume are true. I limit those as far as I can, and will distinguish them when I make an assumption or derive from one.


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